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NFC, Inc. (NFC) is a professional consulting firm that specializes in providing a broad range of Planning, Operations, Management, Facilities, Grants, and Energy consulting services to Housing Agencies nationwide. NFC is also a leading provider of training services to industry organizations, individual agencies, and resident groups. These services are provided to hundreds of clients including Public Housing Agencies, private owners of subsidized housing, State Housing Finance Agencies, Resident Councils, non-profit organizations, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

NFC views its role as assisting Public Housing Agencies to:

Determine strategies for sustainable development, encouraging long-term viability and effective competition in the private marketplace.

Pursue innovative development opportunities to improve and increase the quantity and quality of the affordable housing stock.

Encourage the development of "communities of opportunities" that serve the needs of all citizens and promote upward mobility.

Establish professional standards for management and operations.

NFC prides itself on providing exceptionally high quality professional services to our clients in a manner that meets and exceeds the expectations of the industry. NFC remains committed to combining experience, expertise, and innovation to deliver products and services that promote the achievement of the goals and objectives of each individual organization.

NFC's team of consultants has provided a wide range of professional services to public and private sector clients to improve operational and organizational performance as well as to help prepare business organizations for the changing future. NFC is proud to have provided services to over 390 clients in 37 states and the Caribbean. With a focus in housing, facilities, and systems development, we help our clients achieve their full potential by increasing the productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency of the organization as a whole.

NFC is a national firm that specializes in providing consulting services to Public Housing Agencies throughout the United States. Public Housing consulting is our full time business, not a sideline like so many other management, engineering, and architectural firms.

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