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NFC, Inc. (NFC) is a professional firm providing consulting services in the areas of planning, operations, facilities, grants, and energy to affordable housing providers nationwide. NFC is also a leading provider of training services to industry organizations, individual agencies, and resident groups. These services are provided to hundreds of clients including Public Housing Agencies, private owners of subsidized housing, State Housing Finance Agencies, Resident Councils, non-profit organizations and the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Our staff is comprised of highly experienced consultants who have worked with Public Housing Agencies of all sizes across the United States. These consultants are dedicated to excellence in serving all aspects of our clients' needs.

Each consultant has a comprehensive knowledge of a broad range of issues that affect Public Housing Agencies, and expertise in:

  • Planning

  • Management

  • Facilities

  • Grants

  • Energy

  • Training

The PHA ProfessionalsTM

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