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Funding Summary FY 2004-2006

Grant Title Grants Funded Total Awarded
ROSS Family-Homeownership
Neighborhood Network
ROSS Elderly-Disabled
Housing Counseling
Family Self-Sufficiency
Safe and Stable Families
Total for Years 2004-2006  $3,432,800

For FY2005 NFC wrote a total of five (5) Neighborhood Network grants, all five (5) grants were successful.


NFC has one of the best funding rates for various grants and can ensure the best chance for our clients where funding is competitive.


NFC can assist, write and coordinate the following grants for your Authority:

  • Housing Choice Voucher Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program Coordinators
  • Housing Counseling Programs
    • Housing Counseling – Local Housing Counseling Agencies
    • Housing Counseling – National, Regional, and Multi-State Intermediaries
    • Housing Counseling – State Housing Finance Agencies
  • Public Housing Family Self-Sufficiency
  • Public Housing Neighborhood Networks
  • Resident Opportunity and Self-Sufficiency (ROSS) Programs
    • Resident Services Delivery Model – Elderly and Persons with Disabilities
    • Resident Services Delivery Model – Family
    • Homeownership Supportive Services

NFC has successfully prepared grant applications for such programs as:

  • ROSS
  • Neighborhood Networks
  • Resident Services Delivery Model-Family
  • Resident Services Delivery Model-Elderly and Persons with Disabilities
  • Mainstream Housing Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities
  • Housing Counseling
  • Economic Development and Supportive Services (EDSS)
  • Welfare-to-Work
  • Youth Sports
  • Public Housing Drug Elimination Program (PHDEP)
  • PHDEP Technical Assistance
  • HOPE Programs
  • Tenant Opportunity Program (TOP)

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